Thursday, November 26, 2009

Never thought I'd see this one coming.
Slowly creeping through, and covering every inch of my bodily space. This negativity. I want to stop feeling it, and be all Oprah-like. But meh. Even she's going off air. It's that level of insecurity where you will do anything to jump into another bus of emotions. Cliche, Work-o-holism, Promiscuity, anything.

Faith surely has a burden, eh? I don't want to lose faith. We're all animals but, without faith. I believe, I genuinely believe this is a rut that I will overcome. I believe I have strength to stick by the right choices I made.

I made myself a deal. Will I allow myself to stick to it?

I am picking one brick at a time, those dark red scrunchy bricks, and making a wall around myself. You can jump in if you care enough. The process doesn't slow down for anyone. Well, the bricks are bloody fascinating.

This is a public announcement.
I know I am doing the right thing.