Friday, November 13, 2009

It's about knowing,
even amidst
all exterior doubts and reconstructions
between days when you feel
like you want scoop your heart out
to under-do the ecstasy
and days when you wish
it wasn't the pillow you were hugging at 4 am,
that nothing is different
from the last time you sang the particular song
and the notes haven't changed one bit.
It's like physically making yourself
change the chords of Fur Elise
when the world knows the tune.

It's about knowing,
That every single instance
when the smile is carved
on the beautiful face,
It reminds someone out there
of a flawed reality,
and never once stirs a doubt
of the beauty of the situation
in all it's imperfection.

It's about knowing,
That one can strive to write lines
out of the realm of coherence
and yet,
the raw emotions of the writer
are crystal clear.