Friday, September 25, 2009

How do you not dream, eh?

They say you are shallow. That you don't know what you're missing out on.
That you're so full of yourself, you don't see that I'm the best thing that happened to you.

How does it matter if you don't see?

Let's hum an old hindi number, while you tell me how you've grown up on these melodies.
Let's debate over Nietzsche and Sartre. Over identity and postmodern politics.
Let's talk about your ideas of beauty.
Your ideas of romance.
And I swear I will shoo off anyone who calls you pretentious.
Let's not say anything for hours. And love the comfortable silence.
Let me look at you and have the freedom to love you?
Trippy, Judging, Arrogant, Shallow, Self-Indulgent you.

I know you, you know?
Even though you choose what you want to reveal to me.

I know us.
Even though you don't see us.

Smile for me..

And I won't care of how corny I sound.