Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As the saying goes.. blame it on the rain.
Nobody woul relate me with a gooey, cheesy mood. And I'm not talking romantic in the popular fiction sense. I'm talking romantic in the nature loving, inspirational, ideal sense.
I would love to be in some unexplored place, around 6 in the evening.. so it's not too dark, but there's no hint of sunlight. Heavy rainfall. A Black umbrella and I set off for a loooong walk. I settle down bellow this tree (let's just presume it saves me from getting drenched... not that I wouldn't want to, but I have a camera, so). I have some music playing in the background, (some Creedence Clearwater Revival, Mozart, Beatles, Farida Khanum, Jagjit Singh, Damien Rice, Coldplay and ofcourse, Dave Matthews Band, and I should be set), and I just sit and enjoy the nature.
I would write. I would sing. I would rejoice.
"Or am I dreaming? Lovely Lady.. Let me drink you, pleeease?"
Take pictures of each droplet. Take pictures of the natural greenery. Of the trees swaying, as if they sway to every note of music. Capture every moment of melody.
The Rain.
It's enchanting. Magical. Who would think a couple of droplets of water from the sky could transport you into a different world and make you unperturbed about your changed romantic self.
If only I could do the aforementioned. Instead, I set out with my camera and my umbrella and took a few pictures of around here and there. The feeling of the rain on my feet, on my back, was exhilarating nonetheless.
What a day :)