Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taking out seconds for "loosing my religion"...
For the uninitiated, its the harmony (vocal) part of a song, the second octave-ish thing of a particular line.

Fine fine, Im tohtallay boasting :D
Yes, i feel particularly saddistic and sinister today. I was scheming with a few people... about what I'd like to do with certain people.
Here goes.... just so you know there's this side to me as well!

"me: a cat gave birth to 2 kittens under my Ac.
they're the cutest :)

Shruti: aww, i like kittens, can you go touch em?
or feed em or something?

7:59 PM me: are you crazy? you want her to scratch my eyeballs out?
right now we're just maintaining distance

8:01 PM Shruti: "balu, why dont you go touch the no, go on, the cat really couldnt care less"
*evil smile*
*huge shrieks*

me: hahahahaah

Shruti: *salvation*

me: you should read the msgs i sent aditi... about what i wanted to do with him today.

8:03 PM Shruti: im sure they were graphic, violent and quite tarantino-esque

8:04 PM me: "hang him by the thumb above the fire place or make him dance around naked around the bonfire while i poke him with a red hot rod"
"watch him dance around in a pink thong"
me: "or make him wear pointy boobed cholis with transi ghagra's and dance on a ghaati bihari number"

...and then she said this... *curses*

"Shruti: oh dear, im right
you're still in love"

Wont comment on that though. Am too bored for that. Feeling goooooooood about the single status today. Yes, in inevitably comes down to that every single time. What to do. One year people :D

David Archeleta and Ivan are sooooo HOT! And are kicking ass in "So you think you can dance" and "American Idol" respectively. Today was oodles of fun. Made me realize how much Im gonna miss the seniors. They're real fun, Im kinda regretting now that i never made the effort to get to know them better. You know, I do want to move out, but i also absolutely love my college life. It only gets draining when you have prep leave and lots of time to spare, and then the devil in your mind kicks up. literally.

Urgh. Im a Perv.