Wednesday, May 9, 2007

4:47pm, Wednesday, 9th may '07

So everyone's writing blogs, i figured i should atleast give it a try... considering im soo bored and it hasnt even been 2 weeks since the holidays started.. I can say that college hasnt been even one bit similar to what i thought it would, they say the 3 yrs (or however many for the others) of college changes ur perspective, ur maturity level and ur approach to life. i dont know how drastically I've changed since its been just 1 yr, but i notice a change, towards the good side, even though not much has technically changed ever since i came to Delhi in the 9th grade (I tend to get confusing when in a philosophical). After some time, this whole "schedule" becomes tiresome but some things just remain with u, untill u finally realise thats its been freakin long, but u just cant help it, i guess. But today a friend told me that u can. U can help urself change things that revolve around u till they finally convince u that that they're a part of ur life, but the truth is they're not and only u are making it one, and the fact remains that only u can take it away, not ur friends, not ur family and not the person concerned as well.

And thats why today is a very important day for me, because for once in a loooonnngg time, (I will not mention the duration or someone just might murderrr me:) I've come to a point of realisation. I will do it (and if u expect me to reveal what it is, ur just plain dumb, really) ok thats it. i know i get verrryyy boring when i get all philosiphical, im not reallllyy like this!!
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